Slough Mitra Mandal

Previous SMM Events!

2014 Events

Carrom Tournament - January 2014

SMM organised its first ever Carrom championship in slough over two days on 25th and 26th Jan 2014, which has been huge success. The tournament was held at Godari Foods in slough. In total 52 teams participated in various categories such as Mens Singles, Mens Doubles and Mixed Doubles. SMM is immensely grateful to Godari Foods for all the support provided during the tournament, without which the tournament wouldn't have been a huge success.

2013 Events

Ganesha Festival - September 2013

Day0- Shri's Arrival Procession: The arrival procession of Vignaharta has set a perfect start to 5 day Ganesha festival. Thanks to the overwhelming response and support provided by all devotees. More than 150 people were present for the procession and nearly 500 plus joined procession back in temple. The procession was quite unique, with many dressed in white kurtas and saffron turbans, definitely not something which Slough had experienced before.

Aamhi Saujanyaat Aahot (Marathi Play) - June 2013

SMM sponsored its first ever Marathi Play - Aamhi Saujanyat Aahot, with all debutant actors! The play won following awards at the competition organized by Maharashtra Mandal London.
- Best Actor (Special Mention) - Sachin Nemane
- Best Actress (Special Mention) - Gauri Punage
- Best Nepathya

Badminton Tournament - March 2013

SMM organised its 2nd Badminton championship in 2013, which was a fabulous success!

2012 Events

Diwali Celebration - November 2012

SMM conducted its Diwali 2012 event.

Ganesh Utsav - September 2012

SMM organized its second Ganesh Utsav celebrations at the Slough Hindu Temple.

KaakSparsha (Marathi Film) Screening - August 2012

SMM organised its first ever screening of Marathi film - KaakSparsha, in presence of the renowned director - Shri Mahesh Manjrekar, and the leading star of the film - Shri Sachin Khedekar. The event was very well received by Marathi community in the UK.

Badminton Tournament - March 2012

SMM organised its first ever Badminton tournament in March 2012, which was a huge success!

2011 Events

Diwali Celebrations - November 2011

SMM organised Diwali festival which was very well received by all attendees!

Navratri Celebrations - November 2011

SMM organized Dandiya Night in Slough, which was a blockbuster event!

Ganesha Festival - September 2011

SMM organised its first ever Ganesh Utsav in 2011. This was the first public event of SMM, and was a blockbuster!