Slough Mitra Mandal

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Slough Mitra Mandal is to sow and grow the seeds of Indian culture in heart of young generation et al in the Indian local community of Slough and surrounding areas.

  • SMM wants to engage the youth and elder alike, in activities and events that would assist in enhancing the prospects of enriching the values and importance of Humanity.

  • SMM wants to promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of Slough and the surrounding areas, the provision of activities or events for recreation or other leisure time occupation with the object of improving their conditions of life.


Par excellence on all counts.Seamless co-ordination amongst all people was most commendable.Your openness in welcoming new members like us was integral to our participation.The sense of enthusiasm ,youthful spirit and good taste of fine art lovers made it lively.Of course Mandar's sense of humor and Ajay's smiling face made it special!!

Mrs. Saha from Gerrard Cross

An Awsome experience, the most importantly, kids are understanding and living the true meaning of sarvajanic Ganeshotsav. SMM rocks... so Navratri and Diwali next.. get ready friendzzzzzz...

Mr. Pujari from Burnham

What an event!!! Beautifully organised and very well through out... Felt like in India... The coordination among the ppl is commendable.. Main importantly kids came to know abt the ganeshotsav ...waiting for next year celebration..:) thanks a ton to SMM team... For the hard work.. U all did the gr888 job..we really appreciate..

Mrs. Jain from Bracknell

All worked towards one goal, and supported each other, differences, if at all there were any, never surfaced up and never came in the way of true devotion, please please god let it always remain this way!

Mrs. Kirloskar from Slough